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The journal Linguistic Frontiers is calling for papers 2(3)!

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Ľudmila Lacková


Linguistic Frontiers is a peer-reviewed academic journal which focuses on the research and collaboration of linguistics and life sciences, mathematics and various social sciences and humanities applying formal or experimental approaches which are employed e.g. in traditional linguistic interdisciplines like quantitative linguistics, psycholinguistics, biosemiotics, sociolinguistics. The major aim is to transfer methods and topics among these fields of linguistic research.
Linguistic Frontiers also publishes reviews of scientific publications, reports on conferences and research programs.
Please submit your papers no later than 29/05/2020.



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Ľudmila Lacková
Montag, 06. April 2020, 08:11 Uhr
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Montag, 06. April 2020, 08:16 Uhr