Manual of Grammatical Interfaces in Romance (Sammelband)

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Susann FischerChristoph Gabriel

De Gruyter
Manuals of Romance Linguistics 10
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Französisch, Italienisch, Katalanisch, Portugiesisch, Spanisch, Sprachübergreifend
Morphologie, Syntax, Semantik, Phonologie


Different components of grammar interact in non-trivial ways. It has been under debate what the actual range of interaction is and how we can most appropriately represent this in grammatical theory. The volume provides a general overview of various topics in the linguistics of Romance languages by examining them through the interaction of grammatical components and functions as a state-of-the-art report, but at the same time as a manual of Romance languages.


Table of contents

Preface V

Acknowledgments VII

Susann Fischer and Christoph Gabriel
Grammatical interfaces in Romance languages: An introduction 1

I Sound and structure

José Ignacio Hualde and Ioana Chitoran
1 Surface sound and underlying structure: The phonetics-phonology interface 23

Marina Vigário
2 Segmental phenomena and their interactions: Evidence for prosodic organization and the architecture of grammar 41

Élisabeth Delais-Roussarie
3 Prosodic phonology and its interfaces 75

Eulàlia Bonet and Maria-Rosa Lloret
4 Phonology and morphology in Optimality Theory 105

Sascha Gaglia and Marc-Olivier Hinzelin
5 Inflectional verb morphology 149

II Structure and meaning

M. Teresa Espinal and Susagna Tubau
6 Meaning of words and meaning of sentences 187

Eva-Maria Remberger
7 Morphology and semantics: Aspect and modality 213

Luis López
8 (In)definiteness, specificity, and differential object marking 241

Roberta D’Alessandro and Diego Pescarini
9 Agreement restrictions and agreement oddities 267

Jaume Mateu Fontanals
10 Auxiliary selection 295

III Sound, structure, and meaning

Michelle Sheehan
11 Subjects, null subjects, and expletives 329

Susann Fischer and Maria Goldbach
12 Object clitics 363

Judith Meinschaefer
13 Nominalizations 391

Andreas Dufter and Christoph Gabriel
14 Information structure, prosody, and word order 419

Ana Maria Martins
15 VP and TP ellipsis: Sentential polarity and information structure 457

Delia Bentley and Silvio Cruschina
16 Existential constructions 487

IV The role of the interfaces in language acquisition and change

Conxita Lleó
17 Acquiring multilingual phonologies (2L1, L2 and L3): Are the difficulties in the interfaces? 519

Tanja Kupisch and Jason Rothman
18 Interfaces with syntax in language acquisition 551

Esther Rinke
19 The role of the interfaces in syntactic change 587

Pieter Muysken and Antje Muntendam
20 Interfacing interfaces: Quechua and Spanish in the Andes 607

Ulrich Detges and Richard Waltereit
21 Grammaticalization and pragmaticalization 635

Kristine Eide
22 Changes at the syntax-discourse interface 659

Index 683



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