Adjective Adverb Interfaces in Romance (Sammelband)

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Martin HummelSalvador Valera

Amsterdam / Philadelphia
Linguistics Today 242
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Französisch, Italienisch, Katalanisch, Portugiesisch, Rumänisch, Spanisch


Within the current discussion on grammatical interfaces,
the word-classes of adjective and adverb are of particular interest
because they appear to be separated or joined in manifold ways
at the level of word-class or syntax, with morphology playing a prominent
role, especially in Romance. The volume provides typological and
theoretical insights into the common or diferent usage of adjectives
and adverbs in Romance. Diachronic change is discussed alongside with
synchronic variation and the representation in grammar.
The discussion turns out to be controversial, calling into question
traditional assumptions such as the dogma of the invariability and
the categorial status of the adverb.


Table of contents

Introduction 1
Salvador Valera and Martin Hummel

Part I. General aspects of Romance languages

Chapter 1
Adjectives with adverbial functions in Romance 13
Martin Hummel

Chapter 2
Parameters in Romance adverb agreement 47
Adam Ledgeway

Chapter 3
Before the complementizer: Adverb types and root clause modification 81
Silvio Cruschina and Eva-Maria Remberger

Part II. French

Chapter 4
Adjectives and adverbs in the Grande grammaire du francais 113
Anne Abeille, Olivier Bonami, Daniele Godard
and Michele Noailly

Chapter 5
Are intrapredicative adjectives adverbs? 141
Dan Van Raemdonck
Part III. Italian
Chapter 6
Adverb agreement in the dialects of the Lausberg Area 173
Giuseppina Silvestri

Part IV. Romanian

Chapter 7
Historical overview of the Romanian adverb 207
Adrian Chircu

Chapter 8
Properties of Romanian adverbs and adjectives from a categorial
status perspective 227
Carmen Mirzea Vasile and Blanca Croitor

Part V. Spanish

Chapter 9
Adverbial adjectives and -mente adverbs face to face:
Diachronic evidence from Spanish 257
Concepcion Company Company

Chapter 10
Descriptive and functional analysis of the solo-solamente
adverbial pair in spoken Mexican Spanish 287
Lorena Y. Medina Gomez and Luisa Josefina Alarcon Neve

Chapter 11
From adjective to adverbial modal locutions in Spanish 305
Rosa Maria Ortiz Ciscomani

Chapter 12
Adverbial adjectives and the decomposition of event predicates 329
Avel・lina Suner

Language index 365

Subject index 367


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