Migration (Sammelband)

Changing Concepts, Critical Approaches

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Doris Bachmann-MedickJens Kugele

De Gruyter
Berlin, Boston
Concepts for the Study of Culture (CSC) 7
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Literaturwissenschaft, Medien-/Kulturwissenschaft
Cultural Translation, Politics of Belonging, Border Regime, Concepts of Migration


Recent debates on migration have demonstrated the important role of concepts in academic and political discourse.

The contributions to this collection revisit established analytical categories in the study of migration such as border regimes, orders of belonging, coloniality, translation, trans/national digital culture and memory. Exploring notions, images and realities of migration in their cultural framings, this volume sheds light on the powerful work of these concepts. Including perspectives on migration from history, visual studies, pedagogy, literary and cultural studies, cultural anthropology and sociology, it explores the complex scholarly and popular notions of migration with particular focus on their often unspoken assumptions and political implications.

Revisiting established analytical tools in the study of migration, the interdisciplinary contributions explore new approaches and point to the importance of conceptual nuance extending beyond academic discourse.



Bachmann-Medick/Jens Kugele: Introduction: Migration – Frames, Regimes, Concepts

I: The Power of Images and the Imaginary

Christine Bischoff: Migration and the Regime of the Gaze: A Critical Perspective on Concepts and Practices of Visibility and Visualization

Heidrun Friese: Framing Mobility

Werner Schiffauer: Migration and the Structure of the Imaginary

II: (Border) Regimes

Sabine Hess: Border as Conflict Zone: Critical Approaches on the Border and Migration Nexus

Charlton Payne: Displaced Papers: Keeping Records of Persons on the Move

Paul Mecheril: Orders of Belonging and Education: Migration Pedagogy as Criticism

III: Stories, Histories, and Politics

Wulf Kansteiner: Unsettling Crime: Memory, Migration, and Prime Time Fiction

Friederike Eigler: Post/Memories of Forced Migration at the End of the Second World War: Novels by Walter Kempowski and Ulrike Draesner

Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez: Conceptualizing the Coloniality of Migration: On European Settler Colonialism-Migration, Racism, and Migration Policies

Kader Konuk: What Does Exile Have to Do with Us? Academic Freedom in Turkey

IV: New Contexts – Changing Concepts

Evangelos Karagiannis/Shalini Randeria: Exclusion as a Liberal Imperative: Culture, Gender, and the Orientalization of Migration

Heike Greschke: Family Life in the Digital Age of Globalization: Critical Reflections on ‘Integration’

Doris Bachmann-Medick: Migration as Translation

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