Poetics and Politics (Sammelband)

Net Structures and Agencies in Early Modern Drama

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Sven Thorsten KilianToni BernhartJaša DrnovšekJoachim KüpperJan Mosch

De Gruyter
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Ideengeschichte, Frühe Neuzeit, Drama


Far from teleological historiography, the pan-European perspective on Early Modern drama offered in this volume provides answers to why, how, where and when the given phenomena of theatre appear in history.

Using theories of circulation and other concepts of exchange, transfer and movement, the authors analyze the development and differentiation of European secular and religious drama, within the disciplinary framework of comparative literature and the history of literature and concepts.

Within this frame, aspects of major interest are the relationship between tradition and innovation, the status of genre, the proportion of autonomous and heteronomous creational dispositions within the artefacts or genres they belong to, as well as strategies of functionalization in the context of a given part of the cultural net.

Contributions cover a broad range of topics, including poetics of Early Modern Drama; political, institutional and social practices; history of themes and motifs (Stoffgeschichte); history of genres/cross-fertilization between genres; textual traditions and distribution of texts; questions of originality and authorship; theories of circulation and net structures in Drama Studies.




Joachim Küpper
‘National Literatures’? 19

Stephen G. Nichols
American Presidential Candidates at the Court of Charles V: How Political Theory Trumped Political Theology in Fourteenth-Century Paris 37

Sandra Richter
Cross-Cultural Inventions in Drama on the Basis of the Novel in Prose, or World Literature before World Literature: The Case of Fortunatus 53

Esther Schomacher
Sex on Stage: How Does the Audience Know? (Dovizi da Bibbiena, La Calandra, III.10; Shakespeare, Henry V, V.2) 69

Stefano Gulizia
Castiglione’s ‘Green’ Sense of Theater 101

Bernhard Huss
Luigi Groto’s Adriana: A Laboratory Experiment on Literary Genre 119

Cristina Savettieri
The Agency of Errors: Hamartia and its (Mis)interpretations in the Italian Cinquecento 149

Stephanie Bung
Playful Institutions: Social and Textual Practices in Early Spanish Academies 169

Franz Gratl
The Role of Music in Folk Drama: An Investigation Based on Tyrolean Sources 185

Erika Fischer-Lichte
From a Rhetorical to a ‘Natural’ Art of Acting: What the Networks of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries Achieved 199

Jaša Drnovšek
Early Modern Religious Processions: The Rise and Fall of a Political Genre 215

Igor Grdina
Directions, Examples, and Incentives: Slovenian Playwriting in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century 225

DS Mayfield
Variants of hypólepsis: Rhetorical, Anthropistic, Dramatic (With Remarks on Terence, Machiavelli, Shakespeare) 233



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