Theatre Cultures within Globalising Empires (Sammelband)

Looking at Early Modern England and Spain

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Joachim KüpperLeonie Pawlita

De Gruyter
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Spanisches Drama, Elisabethanisches Theater, Frühe Neuzeit


This volume presents the proceedings of the international conference “Theatre Cultures within Globalising Empires: Looking at Early Modern England and Spain”, held in 2012 as part of the ERC Advanced Grant Project Early Modern European Drama and the Cultural Net (DramaNet). Implementing the concept of culture as a virtual network, it investigates Early modern European drama and its global dissemination. The 12 articles of the volume – all written by experts in the field teaching in the United Kingdom, the USA, Russia, Switzerland, India and Germany – focus on a selection of English and Spanish dramas from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Analysing and comparing motifs, formal parameters as well as plot structures, they discuss the commonalities and differences of Early modern drama in England and Spain.




Joachim Küpper
The Early Modern European Drama and the Cultural Net: Some Basic Hypotheses 1

Part I: Transnational Aspects of European Drama

M. A. Katritzky
Stefanelo Botarga and Pickelhering: Fishy Italian and English Stage Clowns in Spain and Germany 15

Tatiana Korneeva
The Art of Adaptation and Self-Promotion: Carlo Gozzi’s La Principessa filosofa 40

Robert Henke
From Augsburg to Edgar: Continental Beggar Books and King Lear 59

Part II: Intercultural Connections between English and Spanish Drama

Leonie Pawlita
Dream and Doubt: Skepticism in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Calderón’s La vida es sueño 79

Madeline Rüegg
The Patient Griselda Myth and Marriage Anxieties on Early Modern English and Spanish Stages 107

Part III: Images of Spain on the English Stage

Ralf Haekel
“Now Shall I See the Fall of Babylon”: The Image of Spain in the Early Modern English Revenge Tragedy 135

Saugata Bhaduri
Polycolonial Angst: Representations of Spain in Early Modern English Drama 150

Part IV: Between Europe and the Colonies

Barbara Ventarola
Multi-Didaxis in the Drama of Lope de Vega and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 163

Jonathan Gil Harris
Tamburlaine in Hindustan 188

Gautam Chakrabarti
“Eating the Yaban’s Rice”: Socio-Cultural Transactions on the Mid-Colonial Bengali Stage 205

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