Towards the Digital Cultural History of the Other Silver Age Spain (Sammelband)

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Dolores Romero Lopez Jeffrey Zamostny

PIE Peter Lang
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978-3-631-83455-8, doi:10.3726/b19485
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Literaturwissenschaft, Medien-/Kulturwissenschaft
Digital Humanities, Edad de plata


Consigned to oblivion by the Franco regime and traditional historiography, the Other Silver Age Spain (1868-1939) encompasses an array of cultural forms that are coming back into view today with the aid of mass digitization. This volume examines the period through a digital lens, reinterpreting literary and cultural history with the aid of twenty-first-century technologies that raise aesthetic and ethical questions about historical memory, the canon, and the archive. Scholars based in Spain, Germany, and the United States explore modern Spanish culture in the context of digital corpora, archives, libraries, maps, networks, and visualizations—tools that spark dialogues between the past and the present, research and teaching, and Hispanism in the academy and society at large.


Introduction. Silver Age Spain, Today: The View through a Digital Lens (Dolores Romero López and Jeffrey Zamostny)
I. Corpus, Archive, Database, Library: Digital Repositories and their Uses
Chapter 1 Replication Crisis and the (Digital) Humanities: Perspectives from the Spanish Silver Age(s) (José Calvo Tello and Nanette Rißler-Pipka)
Chapter 2 From the Digital Humanities to Digital Modernism: Critical Approaches to Technology and Literary Databases: SilverAgeLab Translations and Valle-Inclán’s Manuscripts (Rosario Mascato Rey and Adriana Abalo Gómez)
Chapter 3 Mnemosine: A Digital Platform for Research and Rediscovery of the Other Silver Age Spain (José Miguel González Soriano and Joaquín Gayoso Cabada)
Chapter 4 Digitizing Erotica: A Virtual Wunderkammer: Sexual Cultures in Early Twentieth-Century Spain (Maite Zubiaurre and Wendy Perla Kurtz)
Chapter 5 A Distant and Close Reading Analysis of Spanish Anarchist Magazines and Erotic Magazines of the Early Twentieth Century (Elena Bonmatí Gonzálvez)
II. Maps and Networks: Perspectives from Hispanic, Iberian, and Transatlantic Studies
Chapter 6 Mapping Celia en la revolución by Elena Fortún (María Jesús Fraga)
Chapter 7 Dance Studies and Digital Humanities: On Tour with Antonia Mercé La Argentina’s Ballets Espagnols (1927–1929) (Blanca Gómez Cifuentes)
Chapter 8 Digital Cartography as a Tool for Studying Transnational Literary Relations: The Iberian Case (Santiago Pérez Isasi)
Chapter 9 Transatlantic Transfers: Dynamics of Circulation in Literary and Cultural Magazines of the Silver Age (Hanno Ehrlicher and Jörg Lehmann)
Chapter 10 New Models for a Digital Reading of the Republican Exile of 1939 (Lucía Cotarelo Esteban)
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