Stadt: Mykolajiw, Ukraine

Beginn: 2016-06-24

Ende: 2016-06-24


Friday, June 24

10.00 Opening: Oleksandr Pronkevich and Janett Reinstädler.

1. Janett Reinstädler. Don’t leave the kids alone? A Cuban vision of “The Wall (of words)” and the Trauma of Revolution (La pared de las palabras by Fernando Pérez, 2014)
2. Oleksandr Pronkevich. “I Can Speak”. The Soviet Trauma in Andrey Tarkovskiy’s Mirror
3. Isabel Exner. Trauma and Childhood in Spanish Horror Film before the Transition: Narciso Ibañez Serrador’s „Quién puede matar a un niño?“ (1975)
4. Tetiana Ostaptchuk. Chernobyl as Chosen Glory or/and Chosen Trauma
5. Bohdan Storokha. “Traumatic reality: injury in the Korean movie from movie-fact to metaphor”

14.00 – 16.00

6. Christoph Vatter. Trauma, Children and Culture of Memory in France: The Example of René Clément’s Jeux Interdits (1952)
7. Tetiana Shestopalova. “Identity and Trauma (Visual Art of Jacques Hnizdovsky)”.
8. Oleksandra Filonenko. "Improving human nature: magical success in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” vs scientific failure in Ferd M. Wilcox’s “Forbidden planet”
9. Olga Enalieva. “Representation of the Individual Trauma in the Contemporary Psychological Novel" (Serhiy Grydin’s The Castaway and Miriam Pressler’s Bitter Chocolate)

16.00 – 17.00 Final discussion

Location: Petro Mohyla Black Sea University, Building 11 – Library

Beitrag von: Janett Reinstädler

Redaktion: Marcel Schmitt