Stadt: Gent, Belgien

Frist: 2017-04-18

Beginn: 2017-11-16

Ende: 2017-11-18


The panel “Diversity and Otherness in Corpo-realities” focuses on the multiple ways in which bodily difference is represented in various contexts, so contributing to its social, political or cultural standardization.

From a theoretical perspective the panel aims at emphasising the tension between homo- vs. heterogeneity in various bodily representations of diversity and otherness, in the present as well as in the past. Furthermore it shall analyze how symbolic practices establishing a correspondence between corporeal characters and particular ideologies, contribute to deconstruct or, on the contrary, to strengthen, hegemonic – political, social etc. – representations of diversity and otherness.

From a methodological perspective the panel intents to compare and discuss, inter- and transdisciplinarily, transcultural approaches to bodily difference. This shall highlight, among other aspects, how transcultural practices offer, or offered in the past, a valid starting point for emancipatory processes of negotiation in various contexts, as for example in scientific, political or artistic environments or in daily life.

Please send proposals for papers (max. 500 Words) up to April 18th to:

Beitrag von: Giulia Pelillo-Hestermeyer

Redaktion: Marcel Schmitt