Stadt: Universität zu Köln

Beginn: 2014-06-23

Ende: 2014-06-24


Internationale Tagung an der Universität zu Köln

Organization: Sabine Damir-Geilsdorf, Ulrike Lindner, Gesine Müller and Michael Zeuske (Köln)

23. und 24. Juni 2014

Venue: Neuer Senatssaal, Main Building, University of Cologne

Monday 23 June

13.10 Greetings and Introduction (Ulrike Lindner)

First Panel “Changing forms of labour in the 18th and 19th century”

Matthias van Rossum (Leiden): ‘Transforming of the Coolie – case studies into changing coolie labour relations in the Dutch Empire (18th and 19th century)’

Ulrike Lindner (Cologne): “Indentured labour in sub-Saharan Africa 1880s to 1918. Circulation of concepts between imperial powers.”

Michael Zeuske (Cologne): “Transition to Free Labor or Other Slavery? Slaves and Asiáticos in the Caribbean and in Angola. (Preliminary Thoughts)”

16.00-16.30 Coffee Break (Dozentencafe)

16.30-18.15 Second Panel: “Bonded Labour in Southeast Asia”

Oliver Tappe (Cologne): “Variants of bonded labour in the highlands of precolonial and colonial Southeast Asia.”

Olivia Kilias (Berlin): Forms of Bonded Labour in Southeast Asia: The Case of Indoensian Domestic Workers in Malaysia.

Tuesday, 24 June

9.00-10.45 Third Panel "Perspectives of Migration and Coolitude from and in the Carribean”

Liliana Gomez (Harvard): “Re-presenting and narrating labor. Coolie migration in the Caribbean”

Gesine Müller (Cologne): Cultural forms of representations of Coolis: Khal Torabully and his concept of „Coolitude“.

10.45-11.15 Coffee Break (Dozentencafe)

11.15-13.00 Fourth Panel: “From Slavery to Sponsorhip-Systems in the Arabian Peninsula?”

Sabine Damir Geilsdorf (Cologne): “Labour Migration and Sponsorship-Systems in the Arab Gulf States: Changing Legal Frameworks, Policies and Practices”

Alaine Hutson (Austin): “REMAPping the slave experience in Arabia, 1926-1938””

13.00 -14.00 Concluding Discussion

Beitrag von: Benjamin Loy

Redaktion: Lars Schneider