Stadt: München

Beginn: 2018-05-31

Ende: 2018-06-02



Thursday, 31st May

Introductory Address
Thomas Erthel (Munich). Compression and Conflict: World-Consciousness in Voltaire’s Candide
15.00–15.30 | Coffee break
Elahe Haschemi Yekani (Berlin). Global Entanglement versus Postcolonial Counterpoint: Rereading the “Dead Silence” in Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park
Louis-Georges Tin (Orléans). Is it really possible to be gay and black at the same time?

Friday, 1st June
Andrew S. Gross (Goettingen). Self-Definition and Contagion: Crises of Liberalism in the Writing of Benjamin Franklin
Annegret Heitmann (Munich). Anecdotes of Silence: The Unconscious of Globalization in Isak Dinesen’s Tales
13.00–14.00 | Lunch break
Christoph K. Neumann (Munich). Revolution and World-Consciousness in Turkish Literature
Niels Werber (Siegen). Popularizations of German Geopolitics: Perry Rhodan 1961 / 2016
16.00–16.30 | Coffee Break
Werner Bonefeld (York). State, World Market and Society
Jean-Claude Milner (Paris). The Sound of Silence in Modern Democratic Societies

Saturday, 2nd June
Nora Zapf (Innsbruck). Dante illegal. Migration and the Underworld in Eduardo González Viañas El corrido de Dante
Karen Benezra (New York). Total Conversion: Primitive Accumulation in the Andes
12.00–12.30 | Coffee break
Christian Moser (Bonn). “We want the world and we want it… Now!” The Manifesto as a Vehicle of World-Consciousness and of Global Contemporaneity
13.30–14.00 | Final discussion and closing remarks

Organized by the Research Training Group 1733 “Literature and Globalization” in cooperation with the Bavarian American Academy
Conference venue: Bayrische Amerika-Akademie (BAA) | Barer Straße 19 a | 80333 Munich
Organizers: Patrick Geiger, Fabienne Imlinger, Matthias Kandziora, Florian Kniffka, Pierre Monot

Beitrag von: Fabienne Imlinger

Redaktion: Marcel Schmitt