Stadt: Bochum

Frist: 2019-02-28


The Cento technique of taking single lines from different poets to form a new coherent text which tells a different story is ubiquitous and can be found throughout time and in different cultures. Despite this rich tradition and large text corpus Cento or Cento-like poems or prose texts have long been neglected by scholarship. This interdisciplinary workshop planned for spring 2020 at the university of Bochum (Germany) aims at bringing together researchers from different literary and cultural traditions to address all kinds of questions related to Cento(-like) texts, especially intertextuality but also other related aspects like quotation, allusion, parody, travesty etc.

This workshop is part of the DFG-funded project on the (ancient) Greek Centones at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (for more information please visit:, but the workshop decidely aims at looking at a wider range of different Cento(-like) poems and prose texts (in different languages from different times) from an interdisciplinary perspective and at comparing their poetic techniques with each other. This includes questions like: how, if at all, do the Cento(-like) texts in question play with their source texts, what does authorship mean in that context, in what respects are the different Cento-approaches comparable to each other, in what different ways could or should the reader response to them, etc.

Please express your interest via e-mail to by the end of February 2019 naming the Cento(-like) poem(s) or prose text(s) you would like to work on (see for the Cento poems e.g. the interesting though not exhaustive overview in Delepierre 1874/75) and outlining the paper you would like to give at the workshop by submitting a short abstract of approximately 100 words.

Please forward this CfP to anyone who might be interested.

Lena Krauss
‚Die griechischen Centones’