Stadt: Lissabon

Frist: 2019-06-20

Beginn: 2019-09-25

Ende: 2019-09-26


The international conference Breaking Boundaries: Academia, Activism and the Arts proposes to bring into focus and critically question common grounds and boundaries between and within the Humanities, political activity and aesthetic production.

At a time when boundaries are simultaneously questioned and reinforced – for example between geographical territories, political states, public and private spheres, gendered bodies, creative media, theory and practice, local and global, human, non-human and post-human – the question of what such frontiers stand for, and how and why they might be transgressed offers itself for and, indeed, urges discussion.

Across the course of two days, papers, round-tables, artistic interventions and debate will take place within and outside of the University of Lisbon, linking up spaces traditionally identified as the seats of academic knowledge-building with others generally directed at artistic and cultural creation and consumption, challenging established divisions and inviting a more open and flexible approach to the sharing and practice of ideas and ideals.

Submissions are now open – until 20 June 2019.
For further information see the Call for Papers and the Call for Artists.

Beitrag von: Doris Wieser

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