Stadt: Wien

Beginn: 2019-10-18

Ende: 2019-10-19


Workshop/ International Meeting

Friday, 18th October 2019 and Saturday, 19th October 2019
Department of Romance Philology, Campus AAKH, Garnisongasse 13/ Hof 8, 1090 Wien, ROM 8, ROM 2


FRIDAY, 18 OCTOBER 2019 – Department of Romance Philology, ROM 8
8.30: Welcome
Claudia Leitner, Deputy Head of Department
Brigitte Kutalek-Mitschitczek, Head of Degree Program Midwifery, FH Campus Wien, University of Applied Sciences
Wolfram Aichinger, Organiser
9.00: Sources, Findings
Moderator: Wolfram Aichinger
9.00-9.30: Sucharita Sarkar, Mumbai: The Changing Roles and Perceptions of Dais in India
9.30-9.45: Questions
9.45-10.15: Valerie Worth, Oxford: Midwives, Surgeons, Accoucheurs, Family and Friends: Evidence of the Range and Evolution of Birthing Scenarios in Early Modern France (c. 1500-1650)
10.15-10.30: Questions
10.30: Coffee / Tea Break
11.00: Sources, Findings
Moderator: Valerie Worth
11.00-11.30: Diana Pelaz Flores, Santiago de Compostela: Medieval Court Midwives and Religious Minorities
11.30-11.45: Questions
11.45-12.15: Jesús M. Usunáriz, Pamplona: Partos milagrosos y parteras alrededor del mundo en los siglos XVI y XVII / Miraculous Births and Midwives around the World in the 16th and 17th Century
12.15-12.30: Questions
12.30-13.00: Debate, moderated by Hannah Fischer-Monzón, Vienna
13.00: Lunch

15.30: Sources, Findings
Moderator: Kurt Kriz, Dr. Med.,Vienna
15.30-16.00: Abraham Madroñal, Geneva. La comadre cómica en el entremés; Partos y comicidad en el teatro áureo
16.00-16.15: Questions
16.15-16.45: Hannah Fischer-Monzón, Vienna: Comadrejas y Comadres. Weasels and Midwives. Appropriation and Embodiment of Ovidian Myth in Early Modern Italy and Spain
16.45-17.00: Questions
17.00-17.30: Coffee / Tea Break
17.30: Sources, Findings
Moderator: Marija Blaskovic, Vienna
17.30-18.00: Wolfram Aichinger, Vienna: Midwife-„Tales“ from Mexico, Valencia, Slave-Master-Households and the Casas de Austria. Recurrent Cultural Functions in Changing Settings.
18.00-18.15: Questions
18.15-19.00: Debate, moderated by Marija Blaskovic
20.00: Dinner

SATURDAY, 19 OCTOBER 2019- Department of Romance Philology, ROM 2
9.30: Round Table – Open Research Questions
Moderator: Sucharita Sarkar
10.30: Coffee Break
11.00: Round Table – Networking, Upcoming Events, Suggestions for an International
Conference in Vienna 2020
Moderator: Jesús M. Usunáriz
12.00: Book Presentation: Cristina Tabernero, Jesús M. Usunáriz : Diccionario de injurias de los siglos XVI y XVII, Kassel, Reichenberger, 2019
12.30: Lunch

Organisers: Wolfram Aichinger, Marie Fürnsinn, Marie Radinger; Research Group The Interpretation of Childbirth in Early Modern Spain

Funded by FWF Austrian Science Fund: Research Projects: El Calderón cómico (P 29115), The Interpretation of Childbirth in Early Modern Spain (P32263-G30), University of Vienna, Universos discursivos e identidad femenina: Elites y cultura popular (1600-1850), (HAR2017-84615-P; main collaborators: Cristina Tabernero Sala, Jesús M. Usunáriz); University of Vienna, Philologisch-Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät, Institut f. Romanistik.