We are pleased to announce the call for papers to the vol. 5 no. 2 of

Brasiliana – Journal for Brazilian Studies

Brasiliana is a biannual journal that intends to be a dynamic academic forum where scholars from diverse disciplines in Humanities and Social Sciences are invited to publish their research, to establish academic discussion, exchange ideas and draw on each others’ research within the field of Brazilian Studies. This is a journal entirely dedicated to Brazilian Studies.

Vol. 5 no. 2 (2016) will have as a theme: “Brazil and Water”

No country in the world has greater fresh water resources than Brazil. Despite this fact, nearly 40% of Brazil’s population, or about 77 million Brazilians, are affected by the current water crisis. The explosive nature of this topic is made evident by implications of Brazil’s severest drought in 80 years, which has forced authorities to ration drinking water in Southeast Brazil.

Historically, water has also been an important subject of Brazilian arts and philosophy. Brazilian art and literature has a rich tradition of dealing with its exuberant water resources, their unequal distribution and the country’s periodic droughts. We invite submissions from across the disciplines – social science, humanities, public health, modern history, and the arts. Research should focus on the origins and responses to the actual drought and social conflict. We also invite contributions that examine possible solutions and utopias. What kinds of relationships can a society have towards nature? To what extent is the dichotomy between nature and culture resolved through the way resources are used? And how is all of this reflected in art?

Articles should be submitted online before December 15, 2016 (see authors page for details).

This issue will be co-edited by the organization team of the conference Brazil and Water – Resource conflicts and the dissolution of the dichotomy between nature and culture? held in Hamburg, Germany on December 4th and 5th 2015: Dr. Júlio Matias, Dr. Gilberto
Rescher, Prof. Dr. Markus Klaus Schäffauer, Dr.Tobias Schmitt, M.A. Yôko Woldering.

Brasiliana continues to accept submissions of articles on Brazil in general and reviews of recent publications for its other sections.

For publication guidelines, please see the journal’s website:
Dr. Vinicius Mariano de Carvalho
Chief-Editor of Brasiliana – Journal for Brazilian Studies

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