Stadt: Berlin

Frist: 2017-11-30

Beginn: 2017-11-03

Ende: 2017-11-24


Who we are

Chatterbug is a start-up with a strongly developed product for language learning. We are a young team composed of entrepreneurs, linguists and computer engineers. Some of us work in an apartment-like office in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg (where you will be welcome to join us!), and the other half of the team is based in Silicon Valley. We all share the same vision and the same dream: we want to make language learning as effective and as fun as possible.

How will your work look like

As a curriculum developer at Chatterbug, you’ll be introduced to our methodology and be given the responsibility to develop content for our curriculum (e.g. develop conversation exercises, write for our grammar blog, create cloze-type exercises, write graded readings). You will decide, plan and execute a larger project and hire assistants within a specified budget.

You will be introduced to a completely flexible working atmosphere, where your ideas and their execution as well as your autonomous work will be highly valued. We are a team that questions the status quo of traditional language acquisition methods and prefers instead to innovate. Working at Chatterbug, you will expand your pedagogical horizon and create new didactic materials using first-class computer tools.

This is a job for someone who has been complaining for years that there is nothing out there that really solves the problem of language acquisition by providing a flexible and affordable way to become fluent as a part-time learner.

Your profile

  • You have a Master’s of Education, A.B. or similar teacher training
  • You have excellent organisational skills and attention to detail
  • You are a persistent and creative problem solver
  • You have digital DNA
  • You are proficient in German and English, and a French / Spanish native speaker.
  • You enjoy being part of a small team
  • You are a communicative person
  • You have no problem communicating virtually (part of our team is based in San Francisco)
  • You’re fun to work with

Sounds like the right challenge for you? Get in touch with us via email:

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