Stadt: Siegen

Frist: 2021-02-15

Beginn: 2021-03-15

Ende: 2021-03-16


ENROPE (European Network for Junior Researchers in the Field of Plurilingualism and Education) is an international, cooperative project aiming to provide high-quality qualification and networking structures for junior researchers in the field of language education and plurilingualism. ENROPE operates at the interface of language education to develop more plurilingual mind-sets and practices.

Who can participate?
This project is open to all M.A. students, doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers who are conducting research in the field of multi-/plurilingualism, multi-/pluriculturalism and education and who would like to discuss their project with a larger audience. The participation is free of charge.

How does the Online Study Phase work?
The Online Study Phase (OSP) is an opportunity for digital interaction with other junior researchers, made possible by the Erasmus+ project ENROPE.
On the 15th and 16th of March, this programme will enter its third round. For the first time, the OSP will be held as a synchronous virtual conference, where you get the opportunity to enter in direct contact with other junior researchers. In addition, your exchange will be accompanied by experienced senior researchers who will be happy to answer any questions you may have during your research process. The event will start with a poster presentation of your projects and continue with deeper discussions in break-out sessions. The Online Study Phase will be organised by the ENROPE team of the University of Siegen.

How can I participate?
Please go to this website and register for OSP#3 by February 15th 2021:

For more information about the project and the upcoming events please visit

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