Stadt: Perugia - Università per gli Stranieri

Frist: 2023-12-15

Beginn: 2024-06-20

Ende: 2024-06-23


In an era characterized by unprecedented cultural diversity, classrooms play a crucial role in preparing individuals for a globalized world. However, these educational spaces are not immune to cultural misunderstandings, which can significantly impact the learning environment. This is particularly relevant in the context of heritage and foreign language instruction, where the interplay of linguistic and cultural diversity introduces unique challenges. These challenges may encompass navigating varying language structures, addressing diverse learning styles influenced by cultural backgrounds, and fostering effective communication across a spectrum of linguistic and cultural differences. Such intricacies require educators to adopt nuanced approaches to ensure meaningful and inclusive language learning experiences for all students.
We invite a diverse range of contributions, encompassing research studies on intercultural communication, analyses of how cultural diversity shapes language learning, strategies for fostering intercultural sensitivity, effective classroom activities that promote intercultural awareness, teaching methodologies tailored to diverse settings, the complexities and opportunities associated with technology and digital learning, practices in assessment and evaluation, the development, adaptation, or integration of language teaching materials, cross-disciplinary approaches, instances of successful interdisciplinary initiatives, as well as papers on multilingualism and language identity.
Please submit the proposal along with a short bio to Cinzia Marongiu and Elena Tchernega Meinert

This panel is scheduled as part of a larger international conference taking place in Perugia from June 20 to 23, 2024, organized by the American Association of Teachers of Italian.

Beitrag von: Cinzia Marongiu

Redaktion: Ursula Winter