Stadt: Graz

Beginn: 2024-03-01

Ende: 2028-02-29

Stellenumfang: 100% (40h)


The newly funded Spezialforschungsbereich (SFB) ‘Language Between Redundancy and Deficiency’ is seeking to hire a number of pre- and post-docs for up to four-year positions, starting in March 2024, or as soon as possible thereafter. The SFB consists of 8 subprojects and an administrative subproject in the areas of syntax, morphology and semantics, investigating the interface of the symbolic system of grammar and the stochastic cognitive system. The focus of the first four years will be on pronouns, their structure, feature specification and interpretation. The SFB involves PIs from Departments of Linguistics, German Studies, Romance Studies and Slavic Studies at the Universities of Vienna, Graz and Salzburg. The subprojects are connected under the SFB umbrella project, and there will be collaborations among the subprojects, but applications should be submitted for a specific subproject. We seek excellent early-career researchers with a strong background in theoretical linguistics. Applicants should have MA/PhD degrees in linguistics with specializations as detailed below. The SFB will provide an active and lively research environment with inter-university collaborations as well as ties to the local research communities, and an intellectually open, inclusive and flexible work environment at three leading Austrian universities. International applicants are encouraged, knowledge of German is not a prerequisite, unless noted otherwise below. Payment and benefits are as specified in the Austrian Kollektivvertrag for public employees; in addition, the SFB provides funds for travel, conferences, workshops and networking activities.

Subproject: Animacy features and the flexibility of pronouns
PI: Steffen Heidinger
Location: Graz, Department of Romance Studies
1 Post-doctoral position

The subproject investigates the animacy features of French personal pronouns against the background of the SFB’s umbrella topic. Applicants have a doctorate degree in French, Romance, or General linguistics (with a focus on French), excellent knowledge of French, demonstrable experience in the field of experimental linguistics, interest in connecting empirical and theoretical research questions, excellent knowledge of English (allowing for presentation and publication activities). The main tasks of the successful candidate are: independent planning, implementation and analysis of experimental studies on animacy restrictions for French personal pronouns; contribution to a joint comparative analysis of French and Spanish with the PI; presentation and publication activities to disseminate the subproject’s results; organization of thematic reading and discussion groups within the SFB, and collaboration in the organization of scientific events of the SFB.
For more information please contact the PI at: (a detailed project description is available upon request).

We are looking forward to receiving your application (in English). Applications should include the following documents:

  • Cover letter/statement of interest
  • CV
  • Written academic paper (thesis, other qualifying paper, publication)
  • Copies of degree certificates
  • Addresses of potential recommenders or, optional: letters of recommendation

Please submit the documents as one PDF-file, or several PDFs merged in one zip-file.

Applications (with an indication of earliest start time) should be sent to

Application Deadline: Reviewing of applications will begin on the 19th of February 2024, but the position will remain open until filled.

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