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Beginn: 2024-06-26

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Wednesday, 26 June


Humorous lists
Yelena Sesselja Helgadóttir

Joaquín Sabina: Wit Within the Verse. An Exploration of the Humorous Implications of His Poetic Metrics
Pablo Núñez Díaz, Guillermo Marco Remón, Clara I. Martínez Cantón

How long can poetic formulas persist in a folk epic?
Nazarii Nazarov


Fine-grained Annotation of Enjambement in Historical and Contemporary German Poetry
Thomas Haider

Moby-Dictionary: A Computational Approach to Humor as Lexical Intrigue
Nicolas Mugavero

Corpus of Slovenian Poetry
Neža Kočnik, Petr Plecháč

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A metre-based authorship verification of Ovid’s Nux
Benjamin Nagy, Rebecca Menmuir

Quantification of Humorous Georgian Poetry
Irakli Khvedelidze, Salome Lomouri, Ketevan Khubulava

Thursday, 27 June


Humour and Parody by the Rhymes in Hungarian Poetry
Villő Vigyikán, Levente Seláf, Margit Kiss

Humor and rhyme
Maria-Kristiina Lotman, Rebekka Lotman

Toward a statistical analysis of ʻrhymeʼ in ancient Greek poetry, with special reference to humor
Leon Wash


ʻAh ! que cʼest bien rire aux éclatsʼ: a carthography of humour in French poetry of the First World War
Julia Ribeiro S C Thomaz

Visualization of humorous rhetoric contexts in classical Japanese poetry
Bor Hodošček, Hilofumi Yamamoto

Metronome: tracing variation in poetic meters via local sequence alignment
Artjoms Šela, Benjamin Nagy, Mirella De Sisto, Wouter Haverals, Petr Plecháč

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It Do the Poets in Different Voices, or ʻIl Miglior Fabbroʼ: Generative-AI Voices and the Archive
Chris Mustazza, Valentina Colonna

Aspects of comic verse salient to non-specialized large language models
Pablo Ruiz Fabo

The Quirks of Culture: Analyzing Absurdity in Estonian Runosongs with AI
Kaarel Veskis

Friday, 28 June


Russian humorous versification
Mihhail Lotman

Pun and Secularity in Wallace Stevens’ Poetry
Farid Benmezal, Lynda Chouiten

Fiddling with the JIGS
Anne-Sophie Bories, Petr Plecháč, Nils Couturier, Pascaline Loricourt

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