Stadt: Newcastle, Großbrittannien

Beginn: 2015-05-07

Ende: 2015-06-27


This conference hosted by the School of Modern Languages and the Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies invites papers examining the cultural production and cultural practices in the context of societal crisis, on both sides of the Atlantic. Our aim is to establish a dialogue about the narratives on moments of crisis and images of renewal in Latin American and Iberian cultural production.

On the 24th & 25th June the conference is to be held in the Percy Building room G05 at Newcastle University and on the 26 June at the Core conference Room 2.26 at Science City.


24 June
1-2pm Welcome & Registration
- Prof. Carles Feixa (Universitat de Lleida): ‘The Indignant Pilgrim: Narratives of the 15M Movement in Spain or Youth and youth policies in Spain in times of austerity’
- Dr. Alejandro Quiroga (Universidad de Alcalá): ‘Glory narratives and portraits of misery. Football, identities and economic crisis in Spain’
- Dr. Óscar Salgado Suárez (Birkbeck, University of London): ‘Una parábola de la (No) Transición: Los Encargados (2012) de Sierra y Galindo’

3.30pm-4pm tea & coffee to be served in the Courtyard Lounge.
Plenary talk: Prof. Jean Franco (Columbia University)

4pm (room 2.21 Research Beehive, Old Library Building) -
Title: Gore capitalism and the undoing of the Mexican post-revolutionary state and its culture.
[Launching of the Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) at Newcastle University]

5:30pm Wine & canapés and exhibit of work by graphic artist in residence
Javier de Isusi.

7pm Dinner at Blackfriars* [*for CLACS members and paper presenters] Mapping Crises in Spain. Past and Present. (2-3:30pm) Percy Building room G.05 Chair: Dr. Jorge Catalá Carrasco

25 June
- Dr. Jesús Martínez Oliva (Universidad de Murcia): ‘España no va bien. Imágenes para una época de crisis’
- Dr. Carmina Gustrán Loscos (Universidad de Zaragoza): ‘Portrait of a Young Spanish Democracy: On History, Theatre and Crisis’
- Bárbara Fernández Melleda (University of Edinburgh): ‘Walls Drawing Oppression: The Use of Graffiti in Bobby Sands desfallece sobre el muro (1983) by Carmen Berenguer’
10:20-10:30am tea & coffee

- Barbara Castillo B. (University of Bristol): ‘Beautiful Landscaping: The Representation of the Late Chilean Post-Dictatorship Period in the soap operas Iorana and La Fiera’
- Dr. Claudia Sandberg (University of Southampton): ‘East German Films As Chilean Cultural Memory: Resistance and Surprise’
- Montserrat Iniesta (Universitat de Lleida): ‘Listen, Franco! Limits and paradoxes of museums as places of commemoration’
Lunch 11:50-1:00pm

- Inés Corujo Martín (Georgetown University): ‘Building National Spanish Culture in Television: The Historical Fiction Series Isabel’
- Diana Bataglia (University of Leeds): ‘Leonardo Padura’s fiction: narrating Cuban identities in a context of societal crisis’

Representation and Crisis in the Arts (9-10:20am) Percy Building room G.05 Chair: Dr. Nick Morgan
Marketing and Memorialising Crisis (10:30-11:50pm) Percy Building room G.05 Chair: Dr. Philippa Page
Narratives of Identity in Crisis (1:00-2:35pm) Percy Building room G.05 Chair: Dr. Jorge Catalá Carrasco
- Dr Daniel Mourenza (University of Leeds): ‘Crisis and Critique: Representations of the Spanish Financial Crisis in the Graphic Humour of El Roto’
- Pilar Heredia (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina): ‘Nippur de Lagash: entre el mito popular y el mito editorial. El caso del héroe en la historieta argentina de los 80 y 90’
The consequences of Crisis (2:35-4:05pm) Percy Building room G.05 Chair: Dr. Pablo Valdivia
- Dr. Manuel de la Fuente (Universitat de València): ‘Cine y crisis: representaciones fílmicas del desahucio de vivienda en el cine norteamericano y español’
- Elvira Calatayud Estevan (Universitat de València): ‘La figura del emigrante en el cine español’
- Montse Ferres (Newcastle University): ‘Urban Agriculture in the neoliberal city. Food Growing Spaces in UK’s disadvantaged areas’

4:05-4:15pm tea & coffee
- Dr Caroline Hodges (Bournemouth University): ‘From margins to mainstream: the cultural revival of ‘Chicha’ as ‘grafica popular’ in Lima, Peru’
- Iberia Pérez González (University of Essex): ‘Trama: Artists’ Initiatives and the Politics of Autogestión in Contemporary Argentina’
- Dr. Dolors Palau Sampio (Universitat de València): ‘Alternative narratives of crisis: investigative and literary journalism as a challenge’
- Dr. Adriana Churampi (Universtiy of Leiden): ‘Colouring modern Peru’

BREAK 6-6:30pm
6:30-8:30pm Screening of documentary José Ricardo Morales. De mar a mar. Introduced by Dr. Pablo Valdivia (Amsterdam University) and Dr. Jorge Catalá-Carrasco (Newcastle University). Tyneside cinema (The Gallery) 10 – 12 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 6QG
Alternative Narratives & Practices in Latin America (4:15-6pm) Percy Building room G.05 – Chair: Dr. Patricia Oliart

26 June
Language & Crisis in Latin America (9-11am) Core Conference Building room 2.26 Chair: Dr. Josep Cru
- Jazmín Karola Rico García and David Alejandro Vázquez Estrada (Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro): ‘Language and identity among Ñäñho from Santiago Mexquititlán, a proposal to socialize the language and knowledge of grandparents’
- Dr. Benedicte Pivot (Université Catholique de Lyon): ‘When cultural narratives and linguistics revitalization is the only way to “keep being” in time of crisis : the example of the rama people of Nicaragua’
- Dr. Pedro Ovio Plaza-Martinez (PROEIB Andes UMSS): ‘El Quechua en Acción’
- Angela Uribe (Newcastle University): ‘Revalorization of Indigenous Cultures: Education and Languages in Cauca, Colombia’

11-11:15 coffee&tea
Lunch 12:15-1:15pm and conference closure

Beitrag von: Matei Chihaia

Redaktion: Christof Schöch