15 – 16 July 2015
Gästehaus Teerhof | Auf dem Teerhof 58 | 28199 Bremen

Both stars and genres are significant elements in popular film productions, as they substantially shape the aesthetic practice, besides having regulative functions for the production, distribution, exhibition and reception processes. In line with this, genre studies and star studies have become firmly established areas of research. Nonetheless, the particular dynamics between stardom and genre frameworks are somewhat understudied. The international conference at the University of Bremen aims to rethink and reflect upon the complex interrelations between genre structures and stardom. Issues that will be addressed include the following questions: How do stars’ images shape genre productions and, conversely, in which way are star personas formed by genre frameworks? What is the role of stars in transmedia genre passages between film and performing arts? How does the interplay of stars and genres influence the cultural economy of the respective productions?


Wednesday, July 15th

9.30 – 9.45h
Sabine Schlickers (University of Bremen)
Institutional Welcome Address

Peter W. Schulze (University of Bremen)
Conference Introduction

Oksana Bulgakowa (University of Mainz)
Female/Male: Soviet Film Stars?

Peter W. Schulze (University of Bremen)
Tango Stardom Resurrected: Spectres of Gardel in Hispanic Film Musicals

11.15-11.45h Coffee Break

Lúcia Nagib (University of Reading)
The Geidomono Genre and Intermedial Acting in Ozu and Mizoguchi

Ivo Ritzer (University of Bayreuth)
Back to Africa: Notes on Transcultural Media and Genre Stardom

13.15-15.15h Lunch Break

Peter Krämer (University of East Anglia)
In Space No One Can Hear You Scream (Again): Sandra Bullock, Gravity _(2013) and Female Stars in Science Fiction
Raphaëlle Moine (New Sorbonne University/Paris 3)
Ageing Stars in Ageing Genres: A Crossrejuvenation in the Age of Grey Boomers

16.45-17.15h Coffee Break

17.15-18.15h Keynote
Ginette Vincendeau (King’s College, London)
French Stars and Contemporary Romantic Comedy: The Exportable and the Inexportable

Tuesday, July 16th

Thomas Elsaesser (University of Amsterdam/ Columbia University, New York)
An Actor Troubled by His Face: Paul Wegener and the German Fantastic Film

Elisabetta Girelli (University of St. Andrews)
“Just Plain Danilo Petrovich”: John Gilbert’s Negotiation of Stardom in The Merry Widow (1925)

11.00-11.30h Coffee Break

Roberto Cavallini (Yaşar University, Izmir)
“Moving and Sinister”: Jean-Louis Trintignant Beyond Stardom and Genre in Italian Popular Cinema

Elena Boschi (Liverpool Hope University)_
What’s a rock star like you doing in a film like this? Gianna Nannini’s Queer Stardom, Music, and Voice in_ Viola di mare

13.00-15.00h Lunch Break

15.00-16.00h Keynote
Paul McDonald (University of Nottingham)
Genre, Stardom and the Symbolic Commerce of Hollywood Film

16.00-16.30h Coffee Break

16.30-17.00h Final Discussion

Conference Convenor: Peter W. Schulze
Romance Studies – University of Bremen
Contact: pschulze@uni-bremen.de

Beitrag von: Peter W. Schulze

Redaktion: Reto Zöllner